Zippie for Web3 dApps

The Zippie Web Platform provides a number of benefits to developers of Ethereum Web3 dApps.

Features for Web3 dApps:

  • Fast, painless, user onboarding
  • Web3.js Provider
  • Personal Multisig Account Solidity Contract
  • Wallet API
  • PayMyGas

Sign in with Zippie

10-Second user on-boarding without requiring a web browser plugin or complicated set up process. Using the Zippie Vault users get their own Cryptographic Keys suitable for all their transaction signing needs

For more info see the Vault API Reference


Vault Web3 Provider can be used with the standard Web3.js used for ethereum applications using the Zippie Vault for signing operations and a Ethereum JSON-RPC client of your choice.

For more info see the Vault-Web3-Provider Github

Wallet API

Using the Wallet API you can integrate your application with the Zippie Wallet. This makes it easy to add Standard Ethereum Tokens to your application, as well as use our Payment Links for token transfers

For more info see Wallet API Reference

Pay My Gas

Pay My Gas (PMG) is our gasless meta-transaction service, allowing a third-party to sponsor a users Gas costs enabling them to send Ethereum Tokens without owning any Ether. This is the backbone of our Payment Links

Personal Multisig