What is Zippie Home?

Home is the most important application layer (i.e. UI) component in the Zippie mobile OS.

It enables services such as account management, passport and payment features (i.e. create and redeem token payments), all from a central point with a common UI design. Although Zippie Home makes use of security features, it does not handle private keys itself. All the security is handled in the vault. Home is built as a single page React.js web application.

Below are the main features enabled by Home:


  • Add passport data and photo
  • Edit passport data and photo
  • Fetch passport and image details

Device Management

  • View enrolled devices
  • Add / Revoke enrolled devices

Zippie Wallet

DApp Explorer

  • Coming Soon


  • Add user contact to contact dialog
  • Fetch user contacts


Manage home settings and language