What’s the Zippie Wallet?

Zippie Wallet is integrated into the Zippie Home application, and an integral part of the Zippie Platform for Blockchain Users.

The Zippie Wallet is a central point for users to manage and interact with Ethereum standard tokens, view transaction history, and account balances.

The primary use case for the Zippie Wallet is the creation of Payment Links, these are blockchain transactions that can be created without a recipient address and sent over instant messaging or social media.

The benefits of this particular model is that you can send token transfers to anyone in your social network without asking them for complex looking account addresses. The recipient will be automatically onboarded into the Zippie System and offered to claim the payment.

Wallet API

Applcation developers can integrate with the Zippie Wallet through use of the Wallet API, this allows the developer to easily use Ethereum standard tokens in their application.

Functions enabled by Wallet API:

  • Create a wallet account for a token
  • Create a payment link from a token account
  • View token balances

For more info see Wallet API Reference